3 Reasons to Quit Multitasking

It’s a Myth Multi-Tasking lead to higher productivity

Study at Stanford University shows how multitasking adds more stress and negatively affects the mood.

With the budding startup and freelancers, it’s observed the business owners eventually end up handling many aspects of the business single-handedly. To add more to it some of the Consultants / Freelances / Startups owners work from home. But, this is observed to come at a cost of distraction and multitasking ending up in the loss of focus. It’s observed that with older adults it even more challenging than with younger people with switching between the task.

Many take pride in saying that they can multi-task but the research by the University of California shows that is not a matter of pride. In fact, it leads to loss of focus and your productivity as well. Following are the top 3 reasons why you should stop multitasking to be more productive at work.

1. Loss of memory

The shift to one task to another has a negative effect your short term memory. Maybe at an early age, you may do it efficiently but as the age grows it will reduce the ability and effect your memory power.

2. Increased stress level

When you are working one task on the competition of that task there is a sense of satisfaction for accomplishing the task. But when you are working on 5 tasks at a time this feeling of accomplishment is further delayed utill the end of the last task at hand, leading to higher stress levels.

3. You are not working fast

You just feel you are saving on time or delivering the more number of task. But such is not the reality of the matter. You’re actually working slower than you would if you were to work all of these projects one by one. As switch between task consumes more of work efficiency and you’re not able to hit your “zone” like you would when you are doing the individual task.

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